27 12 / 2011

Getting Girls to Date You Is Easy, Just Think First.

Learning how to get girls to fall for you can be easy with the right approach. In this article I’m going to reveal to you a great way to get a girl to fall for you! Girls are basically creatures of emotion unlike most guys and you need to use this to your advantage! OK so this is a really sneaky little method that I came up with that can really work if you put in the effort. Ok so let me break this down in a format that you can tear apart and use quickly! Im going to put it in a step by step type manner so you can get it all down. 1. The first thing you need to realize is that girls want a guy who is desirable. They want a guy that other girls want to be with. Consider yourself as being a prize for the girl because in some ways you are. Girls do not want some desperate little guy who wants to be with her every single second of the day. 2. So what am I getting at here? Learning how to get a girl to fall for you is all about using other girls as leverage. So I suggest that you display a little interest in the girl you are interested in. But make sure she thinks you only want to be friends with her. 3. After making friends with her tell her she’s real nice and all. Start talking about the subject of dating and let her know you’re looking for a girl to date. But never ever let her think it’s her. In fact in a polite manner let her know she’s not what you are looking for but some guy would be lucky to get her. But she is not for you! 4. Next you want to find an attractive girl to use as “bait.” Maybe your friends know a girl who looks good for this or you do. Anyways let the girl you like see you laughing it up and having a great time with this girl. Talk about this girl and let the girl you really like know who great your “fake” girlfriend is. 5. Before you know it the girl you are interested in will really start being interested in you! It’s a tricky but powerful little method! It’s just like the same reason why girls like married guys. Girls want the guy that they cannot get! It gives them a challenge and a goal to get the guy who is already taken. I know this is a lot of work! But when learning how to get a girl to fall for you it’s worth it! This little trick does work if you put it to work! But there are other ways to get the girl of your dreams also of course.

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